Acer AS5742 Review

Acer AS5742 Review

MSRP: $599.99

Best Features: 15 inch screen with widescreen ratio for excellent movie viewing quality, high definition LED backlit screen, built in WiFi with easy setup, tough outer exterior resists damage, texturized cover resists scratches and smudges, full sized keyboard is ergonomically designed to provide both comfort and efficiency

Worst Features: Low battery life, no subscription to antiviral software or security software included, Microsoft Office must be purchased separately, built in speakers are quiet even at full volume, limited one year warranty

Conclusion: At less than six hundred dollars, the Acer AS5742 is an excellent laptop for home, business or school use. A lightning fast processor coupled with a sleek black exterior and intuitive extras such as the sensitive track pad that can be used for navigation all combine to make this laptop one of the best options on the market.

Purchasing a laptop has never been easier with all of the honest reviews that can be found online such as an Acer AS5742 review. By reading customer reviews, you can adequately prepare yourself for the pros and cons of any laptop computer you purchase. With the Acer AS5742, you will notice that most of the thousands of reviews are highly positive. Customers are more than satisfied with the Acer’s intuitive design, scratch resistant exterior, and extra features that make web browsing and word processing a much quicker and more efficient experience.

The low cost Acer AS5742 can be purchased online for less than six hundred dollars. With all of the features that this laptop computer includes, that price is an incredible value. Many other laptop computers that offer similar features will cost upwards of a thousand dollars. The enormous hard drive alone merits the six hundred dollar price tag. However, the laptop computer is equipped with other features that make six hundred dollars a steal for this computer.

The Screen

If you read the reviews of the Acer AS5742 online, you will notice that most customers are extremely pleased with the quality of the screen. That’s because the Acer AS5742 has fifteen inches of crisp and colorful LED backlit beauty. This screen is designed to show lines and colors as they were meant to be seen. Fuzzy edges and blurred colors will not be found with this laptop screen. Photos can be viewed in high resolution, and movies can be viewed in near cinema quality. This screen can be adjusted for brightness and is able to be comfortably viewed in all types of artificial lighting.

The Outside

The Acer technicians have striven for subtle beauty in the outer structure of the low cost Acer AS5742. Obtrusive colors and flashy design are not a part of this laptop. Instead, the outside of the computer is a subtle black metal that hugs the internal components of the machine with smooth, curving lines. This sleek design gives an impression of progress and modernization. The laptop is designed to impress but not distract the user with flashy colors or strange designs.

The Extra Features

One of the greatest features on the low cost Acer AS5742 is its intuitive track pad for easy navigation. This track pad is a small square at the base of the keyboard that responds to human touch. It is highly sensitive, and users can navigate around a webpage or through files and documents by using a variety of intuitive finger swipes, pinches or taps. A mouse is not needed with this laptop computer. The track pad alone will help you navigate through any components of your hard drive or on the internet.

This laptop is an excellent value. Priced at less than six hundred dollars, customers will get a lightning fast processor, an updated operating system in Windows 7, intuitive features like the track pad, crystal clear colors, and a heavy duty outer construction to resist scratches and normal wear and tear. This laptop computer is a great choice for a student or young professional. For more information, seek out an Acer AS5742 review.

Acer AS7741G Review

Best Features: Crystal clear LED display is specifically designed for a home cinema experience, rounded edges and sleek black outer construction, lightning fast processor for seamless movie viewing, equipped with latest Microsoft operating system, full keyboard design, large seventeen inch display, DVD recordable drive

Worst Features: Risk of overheating with continuous usage, low battery life with video play, doesn’t come equipped with Microsoft Office, no extended subscription to antivirus program, problems reported with DVR drive

Conclusion: When you purchase an Acer computer, you can be confident that you are receiving the best in innovation and design. The Acer AS7741G laptop is the perfect example. Created specifically for movie viewing, the Acer AS7741G offers one of the crispest and purest video displays, a sleek and curvy outer design, and a large seventeen inch display that can be viewed by the whole family!

If you are considering purchasing an Acer laptop computer, one look at an Acer AS7741G review will convince you that this is the laptop computer for you and your family. The Acer AS7741G has been specifically designed and engineered to offer one of the best movie viewing experiences of any laptop on the market. It is equipped with a large seventeen inch screen and a beautiful high definition LED screen. In fact, at under seven hundred dollars, the Acer AS7741G offers both one of the best visual displays and one of the lowest laptop prices available.

If you search online to find the cheapest Acer AS7741G, you’ll probably find it for less than seven hundred dollars. This is an excellent value for a laptop of this quality and intuitive design. The Acer computer line has been able to successfully fuse quality design and craftsmanship with astoundingly low costs. Many computers try to compete with the Acer’s fast processing speeds and incredible visual display, but often these computer producers must jack up their prices in order to create a comparable laptop computer. The Acer AS7741G is advertised at less than seven hundred dollars: a steal when you consider just what you’re getting for the money.

The Cinema at Home

When you research an Acer AS7741G online, the first thing you’ll notice is its widespread praise as the best home cinema laptop on the market. Now, many people scoff at considering a laptop computer as a piece of home cinema equipment. After all, who wants to watch a movie on a tiny little laptop screen? The thing is, the screen on the Acer AS7741G isn’t tiny at all: it’s enormous! At a whopping seventeen inches, this laptop screen is big enough for the whole family to view comfortably. If you aren’t into cuddling, however, you can plug the laptop directly into an HD television using the innovative HDMI cable port that is built into the laptop.

The screen itself is designed for viewing movies. With crisp lines and the most vivid colors available, this LED offers beautiful pictures that can be seen in brightly lit rooms or darkened spaces. The only downfall is that the colors of the backlit screen are a little difficult to see in brightly sunlit areas. However, the screen is still easier to view in sunlight than other laptops on the market.

The Outer Structure

The outer structure of the Acer AS7741G is beautifully designed and evokes a sleekness and modern quality that will definitely turn heads. The metal exterior is jet black and comes in a matte finish. The corners, however, are not boxed off like some cumbersome looking laptops. A curved, natural line shapes the outside of the laptop and makes it easier to store in backpacks and laptop cases. With a relatively light weight for its size, the Acer can be comfortably stowed and transported on trips and daily commutes.

If your family is searching for a computer that can be used to watch family videos, YouTube videos, the latest movies released for home viewing, or any other type of video display, the Acer AS7741G is the perfect choice. Read any Acer AS7741G review, and you’ll see that this laptop is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Acer Aspire One AOD255E Review

MSRP: $269.99

Best Features: Ultra compact design at less than ten inches, ultra thin at less than one inch thick, ultra lightweight at only four pounds, comes in several exterior colors to fit your style and personality, lightning fast processor makes it small but fast, whopping four hours of battery life, large style keyboard is larger than most netbook keyboards

Worst Features: Poor external mono speakers require headphones for listening to audio, doesn’t include Office Suite or subscription to antivirus software, limited one year warranty, only 1 GB of RAM

Conclusion: The Acer Aspire One AOD255E is the ultimate in compact and lightweight web surfing and word processing. This tiny but powerful laptop computer is only ten inches across and less than an inch thick. At only four pounds, the tiny laptop can be easily stowed and transported for convenience and efficiency.

If efficiency is your main goal in purchasing a laptop computer, the Acer Aspire One AOD255E is the computer for you, as is evident by reading an Acer Aspire One AOD255E review. This tiny little laptop computer packs a huge punch in speed, efficiency, intuitive development, and extra features. While the exterior of the laptop is tiny, the interior is infinite in its capabilities. Customers can surf the web, write articles, prepare Power Point presentations, view movies, listen to music, share photos and more with this amazing netbook computer.

Sometimes, great things really do come in small packages, and the Acer Aspire One is one of the smallest. At only ten inches across, the miniscule and low cost Acer Aspire One AOD255E is a great value. This laptop computer costs less than three hundred dollars and is one of only a few WiFi capable netbook computers in this price bracket. However, unlike many of its competitors, the Acer Aspire One doesn’t stop at a wireless connection to the internet. This small laptop computer also offers you the latest in word processing, photo sharing, audio and video play, and file navigation.

The Outside

One of the coolest features of the low cost Acer Aspire One AOD255E is its completely customizable exterior. Unlike other netbook computers which are limited to boring black exteriors, the Acer Aspire One comes in a variety of different colors that can be chosen to match your style or personality. This laptop computer comes in jet black, slate gray, deep red, or electric blue. The shape of the laptop is also specifically designed with the user in mind. Smooth edges and a tough metal material make the laptop resistant to bumps, bruises, scratches and smudges. This laptop is built to last.Acer Aspire One AOD255E Review

Use it On The Go

The purpose of a laptop is to be used on the go, but let’s face it: many laptops are so cumbersome and awkward that traveling with them is more of a headache than a convenience. This cannot be said about the Acer Aspire One. If you read reviews of the Acer Aspire One AOD255E online, you will see that most customers are thrilled with just how portable this laptop computer is. The first reason for these positive reviews is the size and weight of the laptop computer. At less than ten inches wide and one inch thick, this laptop can be stuffed in almost any backpack or laptop carrying case. The Acer Aspire One can even be stowed in a purse! With a weight of less than four pounds, the low cost Acer Aspire One won’t break your back either. The battery life on this laptop also makes it very convenient for travel. This laptop computer can be run continuously on battery power for over four hours.

Use your laptop the way it was meant to be used: on the go. By purchasing the Acer Aspire One AOD255E, you can take your work or entertainment with you wherever you’re headed. As is apparent in any Acer Aspire One AOD255E review, this laptop is designed to epitomize the fusion of convenience and efficiency!

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