Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review

MSRP- $390

Best Features– Sleek design; great battery life

Worst Features- Smaller than average hard drive; pricey for a netbook

Conclusion- For those looking for a netbook without signing a contract with their cell phone company, the Dell Inspiron Mini may be a good option. However, there are options with larger hard drives that cost less.

This Dell Inspiron Mini 10 review covers the basic retail configuration for the iM1012-687OBK. This version is the basic configuration found in retail stores that carry Dell products. While this may not be the most inexpensive netbook on the market, it may be worthwhile. You can find Dell Inspiron on sale and save money too. Here’s a basic look at what you can expect with this configuration.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review- Specs

You’ll get the same basic computing with the Dell Inspiron Mini as you would most other netbooks in the market. The 1.6GHz processor is about average, and will give you the same basic speed as you would get with other models. You’ll also get 1GB memory, 160GB hard drive, a 10 inch screen, and the whole system with the AC adapter is under 3 ½ pounds. Windows 7 Starter is included, which will give you basic computing applications.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review Pros

As this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 review will point out, there are several benefits to this machine.

The biggest difference between this and other netbooks in the same category is the design. The Mini 10 has a much sleeker and more attractive look. The display hinge is placed towards the rear of the system as opposed to closer, giving a slight forward slope. The bottom areas of the keyboard where your wrists will rest have a texture that takes away from the normal flat appearance. Rounded corners round out the design. When it comes to netbook designs, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 got it right.

The keyboard is also roomier than you may expect for a netbook. Often used keys such as Tab and Shift are full size as opposed to half size like many other manufacturers. This makes going from a full sized keyboard to the smaller netbook keyboard much easier and seamless.

The speakers are also surprising for the small Dell Mini.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Review Cons

For all of its value, there are several areas where the Dell Mini 10 is lacking.

For the price you would expect built in Wi-Fi, but it’s not available. You also won’t find Bluetooth connectivity.

The resolution is in line with most other machines in this category, but again, for the $350 price tag, $100 over the competition, you would expect the resolution to be higher and stand out more.

The touch pad has seen no improvement either. It’s still wide and awkward to use, just like the other Dell netbooks on the market.

The price can be a bit disappointing as well. Most other netbooks in this category average $299, and the Dell Mini runs right around $350. If you spend some time looking, you can save money by finding a decent Dell Inspiron Mini online for cheaper, but that takes away from the instant gratification that many people look for.

Bottom Line

This isn’t a bad netbook to have. For many people, the extra $150 you’d spend is worth it just for the design. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 review points out that this looks much less like a cheap toy, and more like a laptop.

Dell Mini Laptop Review- HD

MSRP- $409

Best Features- Sleek design; HD video hardware

Worst Features- Expensive for a netbook; requires special software for HD video streaming

Conclusion- Tech junkies who want a basic computer for on the go computing and video streaming will find value in the Dell Mini HD laptop. However, those that just need something to work from every now and then may find the price off-putting.

This Dell Mini laptop review covers the Dell Mini HD netbook. This is a more expensive version of the base iM1012 model, and includes HD video capability. For those who want the ability to watch HD videos as well as utilize basic computing, this may be a great option. Those who want a cheap Dell Inspiron may want to look at other models since this is about $200 more than the competitions non-HD versions.

Dell Mini Laptop Review- HD Specs

The Dell Mini laptop with HD includes a 1.6GHz processor, 1GB memory, 250GB hard drive, Intel GMA integrated graphics card with Crystal HD video accelerator, a 10 inch screen, and weighs just under 3 ½ pounds. The system is identical when compared to the Dell Mini 10 iM1012 except for the inclusion of the Crystal HD video accelerator with the graphics card.

Dell Mini Laptop Review- HD Pros

The most obvious selling point for the Dell Mini laptop review is the HD video capability. With this you’ll be able to watch HD movies and videos (in some cases) from the netbook. People who travel often will enjoy this. It’s great while on a long plane or train ride, or while riding as a passenger on a long road trip. It can also be useful for families to keep children occupied while traveling.

The design represents an upgrade from the typical netbook market as well. Rounded corners, textured wrist rests, and a deeper set display hinge all lead to a sleeker design that appears more expensive when compared to other models.

The keyboard is similar to the other keyboards made by Dell for the netbooks. One of the strongest points in this Dell Mini laptop review is the friendly keyboard. It’s not as cramped as most netbooks are, and the more important keys aren’t cut short like they are on many other models. It’s also responsive and good for touch typists.

The easy to use software dock puts the most used or most important software programs in one place, making it easy to find and launch what you need when you need them. You can customize the dock to put programs you use constantly in it.

Dell Mini Laptop Review- HD Cons

With the great benefits, this Dell Mini laptop review will also point out some of the cons.

The biggest downfall is the price. The Mini HD starts at $409. You may be able to find a less expensive Dell online, but even refurbished or used models are going to be more expensive than a standard netbook.Dell Mini Laptop Review

The HD video capability can be a little misleading. In order to watch HD videos, you have to use a beta software program. This means there can be glitches and problems. It also doesn’t allow you to watch HD videos on popular streaming sites such as Hulu and YouTube. You can try, but you may experience some stutter and slowdown in the playback for streaming videos. You can watch full screen WMV and MOV videos in both 720p and 1080p though.

Bottom Line

This isn’t a bad choice for a laptop if you insist on watching HD movies. You can add a TV tuner and pick up HD stations on your netbook if that’s important. In most cases though, you could find a netbook with similar configurations without the HD capability for around $250. Most other Dell Mini laptop review options you find will say the same thing.

Dell Inspiron Mini Review- iM1012

MSRP- $399

Best Features- Above average battery life; inclusion of WiMax

Worst Features- Pricey for a netbook; WiMax not available everywhere

Conclusion- For those that live in an area with WiMax, this can be a great value. However, if you don’t use that feature spending money on the Dell Inspiron Mini iM1012 may be a waste of money.

Dell is one of the leading makers of netbooks, and this Dell Inspiron Mini review is specific to the im1012 model. The cheap Dell Inspiron im1012 is designed to use in areas that have WiMax available to connect to the internet. This allows people in a WiMax 4G area to get fast internet speeds without spending a lot of money on a dedicated internet line. Those without a WiMax ready netbook would need to spend $100 on the antenna, making it a great value to find a Dell Inspiron for sale with it already included.

Dell Inspiron Mini Review- i1012 Specs

The Dell Inspiron Mini review covers the basic configuration for the i1012. You’ll have a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1 GB memory, 250GB hard drive, an integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics card, a 10 inch screen, and weighs under 3 ½ pounds with the AC adapter.

Dell Inspiron i1012 Pros

The fan-less design makes the Dell Inspiron a quiet netbook when compared to other netbooks in the same category.

The WiMax technology makes it simple to connect to the internet as long as you are in a WiMax area. WiMax is currently offered through Clear, and is available along the east and west coasts, most of Texas, Denver, Colorado, and a few other larger areas. This means if you live in a WiMax area and subscribe to the service you can connect on the go anywhere without worrying about adapters.

The keyboard is surprisingly not cramped as you would expect with a netbook.

The software dock makes it easy to access all of the programs and panels you need. You can customize the dock as well so you have at your finger tip access to the most important applications and programs.

If you live in a WiMax area this is a great price for the netbook.

Dell Inspiron Mini Review- Cons

For the benefits, there are several disadvantages pointed out in this Dell Inspiron Mini review.

The resolution is low, especially for a higher priced netbook. You’ll have a native 1,024 X 600 pixel resolution. Many other netbooks in the same class have 1.366 X 768. While this isn’t a huge downfall, if you want to watch videos online or movies, you’ll have a much lower resolution than you would with other machines.

The wide touch pad can be awkward to use. You won’t have as much room to navigate, especially once you take in to account the bottom corners act as the mouse buttons.

The design is plain and boring, and doesn’t offer much in way of aesthetics.

If you don’t live in a WiMax area, you can find a comparable netbook for far less and not worry about the WiMax antenna. You also may have signal interference in some areas because of tree cover.Dell Inspiron Mini Review

When compared to other systems that use the same type of processor, the Dell Inspiron Mini review notes that the Dell i1012 can run quite a bit slower. All netbooks will have some sluggish activity just because of the small size and low RAM, but the Inspiron Mini was just average.

Bottom Line

For the occasional user the Dell Inspiron Mini can be a good value. It’s obviously not going to replace your desktop, and it won’t be great for those who need to run several applications at the same time. For those who just need to stay connected while out and about, check emails, and do light internet surfing, this model Dell Inspiron Mini is a good choice.

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