Gateway M 6842 Red Laptop Computer

The Gateway M-6842 is a red laptop which offers several powerful components, and provides the user a high level of performance at a good value. This model is powered by the 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 processor, and typically comes with 3GB PC2-5300 DDR2 of system memory. While this is considered by some to be a budget laptop, the core components and operation of the laptop is responsive and reliable.

While many of the budget laptops recently come with a 160GB SATA hard drive, which is really not very much space these days, it does play a role in the price of the laptops remaining low. If you think back just a handful of years this much space was actually great, yet these days if you need room for lots of large video files for example, then you may want to build the cost of an external drive into your endeavors.

Keeping your important data backed up onto DVD is another way to optimize keeping free space on your laptop computer. The Gateway M-6843 comes with an 8x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer DVD burner which includes LabelFlash functionality so if you have the time to manage this, you could certainly keep plenty of free space on your laptop. Several of the red laptop computers which we have reviewed utilize the 15.4” widescreen LCD, especially in the budget to mid-level laptop classification such as the M-6843. This is a good size for essentially everything which you would want to do on your laptop such as watching movies and viewing different websites online. While the larger screens provide more viewing area, they do tend to cost more as well as add to the overall weight of the laptop (the M-6843 weighs in at just over 6 pounds) which may be a concern if you are going to do much traveling with the portable computer.

Additional features noted during this review include a built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam, Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics, ExpressCard slot, 5-in-1 reader and impressive graphics display. Most of these features are typical of any manufacture’s laptop in this class.

When colored laptops have colorful top covers they offer a great splash of color, yet when the design includes the palm rest as well as the overall laptop being colorful, then it makes it even more satisfying. This Gateway is a nice example of a red laptop computer all around, with a nice variance of a silver color around the keyboard. The look is stylish and the unit has a solid feel indicating quality.

Gateway LT2030u Red Netbook

The appeal of the smaller laptops is usually based on size and portability. As the popularity of netbook computers (subcompact notebooks) grows, so do the feature sets which they have to offer. We recently reviewed the Gateway LT2030u 10.1″ red colored netbook computer which offers its fair share of portable benefits.

Notably, the crisp Candy Apple/Cherry red colored laptop design appears to intentionally differentiate itself from the competition as the majority of the case is red. Providing the look, and feel of a well built, sturdy netbook computer this model held its own during the typical testing and benchmarking processes. The operating system of the review model was upgraded to a full version of Windows 7, and the amount of system memory was maxed out at 1GB.

Screen size is very typical for a netbook at 10.1″ these days, and we found that the backlit LED design offered basically the same respectable quality as most of the other netbooks available in this category.

The native resolution is 1024×600 and the video is powered by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 which we see in several other models as well. This integrated accelerator is basically standard fare for many of the mini laptops as this provides a clean, bright visual performance experience.

Advanced power management features play a role in the battery charge life as it offers the capability to surpass seven hours, which is impressive although not exactly unique. We find that several makes and models of the smaller laptops and netbooks are able to achieve similar results these days. This is not only the result of advancements in the hardware technology, but in the way that Windows 7 works in conjunction with the technology in order to provide superior power management capabilities resulting in extended charge life spans.

Another impressive feature of the Gateway LT2030u netbook is the fact that it offers you a 250GB hard drive. Originally, the netbook computers where designed with very small drives which were often small (2GB for example) SSD versions, but most manufactures are equipping their netbooks with much larger drives now. As broad as the usage and popularity of the mini laptop is becoming, this makes sense and is a welcome feature. In comparison 100GB or 160GB drives offer a lot of space, but if you work with big files, then this can cause the need to always have to be freeing up more space. Of course external USB drives are practically a must have either way.

The Gateway LT2030u netbook comes with a free 60-day trial of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite, so keep in mind if you don’t decide to purchase it, then it will quit functioning after 60 days. Also keep in mind that Windows 7 starter is going to be limited in features and functionality as well. For some users this is not an issue, as the upgraded (beyond Starter Edition) features may not be anything which they would use anyway.

Gateway Blue Laptop

We had the opportunity to review a couple of blue gateway laptops recently. Here we focus on the M-7317u Gateway Pacific Blue laptop with HDMI is impressive do to its versatility and power. The video capabilities stand out as the most prominent features applicable to those with a need for true HD on their laptop.

We used the Gateway M-7317u blue laptop to supply the video signal to a 60 inch plasma TV during a holiday promotion and it worked flawlessly in this configuration serving its purpose well. This provided shoppers an opportunity to actually see the machine in action.

Getting back to our Gateway M-7317u review we want to mention what an unusually striking color of Pacific blue this laptop has; very stylish, smooth and rather futuristic looking. Often the colored laptops will have highly glossed finishes which tend to make them stand out with a futuristic look about them, and this model is certainly no exception.

Powering the M-7317u is the 2.0GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core Mobile Processor T3200 with a 677MHz FSB (Front Side Bus). In our Gateway M-7317u review machine we had the maximum amount of memory installed which is 4GB of DDR2 667MHz. These specs are decent on the higher-mid level laptops, and the performance of this laptop was everything we expected as far as power and reliability.

The installed OS (Operating System) is a fully loaded Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1. As far as storage goes, there is a roomy 250GB SATA hard drive offering lots of space to store pictures, movies, etc.

During our video tests the Gateway M-7317u was able to play DVD movies with striking clarity via the 15.4″ WXGA Ultrabright TFT Active Matrix display screen with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800. The graphics processing is handled by the integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500.

These specs really shined when we hooked the laptop up to a home theater system with surround sound to play DVD movies, and it produced decent sharp images. Portable computers like this one have no problem powering home theater audio as well, and generally most will come with very limited quality speakers and sound cards. This tended to really impress the people who had not experienced this.

The Gateway M-7317u offered additional features such as 802.11b/g/Draft-N wireless networking, built-in Bluetooth 2.0, 5-in-1 Media Card Reader, ExpressCard expandability, built-in1.3 Megapixel Webcam, three USB 2.0 Ports and several other advanced features.

The Gateway M Series lets you take control of your media in an utmost stylish fashion. Slick looks, HDMI connection, cinema quality hooked up to home theater systems and Dual-Core Mobile Processor make this portable computer a real multimedia powerhouse.

Dell XPS M1330 Red Notebook

The Dell XPS M1330 red notebook laptop is a great example of the combination of power, portability and speed coming together all in one durable great looking colored laptop. The overall opportunities are widely diversified when it comes to laptops touting this level of impressive components and features.

Designed around the Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 processor running at 2.2GHz on an 800MHz Front Side Bus and providing a huge 4MB L2 cache, the Dell XPS M1330 is certainly ready for any advanced applications which the user needs to run. Not only are each of the cores fast, but the overall design lends itself to being able to move huge chunks of data at ultra fast speeds while remaining highly responsive in everyday computing tasks and beyond.

The specific model we reviewed was configured with 3GB of DDR2 RAM (system memory), and had a 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS video card. Windows 7 was the installed operating system on the 160GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive which also featured the Free Fall Sensor technology which is certainly a plus, especially on a portable computer.

With a long list of additional features and add-ons, the Dell XPS laptops have always been geared towards the user who needs the additional power capable of running advanced applications flawlessly, as well as gaming on the laptop.

With the need for reliability and speed being addressed in multiple components, the overall design lends itself well to these advanced uses. Gaming laptops will typically utilize the internal components available, adjusting to them, and often lesser component specs means the gaming experience is affected. The red Dell XPS M1330 is one of many laptops in this series designed to do a respectable job of handling these more advanced applications.

In addition to the typical Fast Ethernet capabilities, the Intel 4965AGN Wireless-N Mini Card provides easy access to hotspots and wireless networks while allowing the user to use Fast Ethernet to broadband networks as well. The 802.11n is the ultra fast wireless technology available today, and yet the Mini Card in the XPS still provides backwards compatibility to other existing legacy technologies.

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