Lenovo ThinkPad R Series Review

Lenovo ThinkPad R Series Review

MSRP: $899.99

Best Features: Tough design to withstand normal wear and tear, sleek black construction is unobtrusive and subtly attractive to the eye, lightweight and compact in design for easy storage and transport, integrated viral protection software standard on all Lenovo products, longer battery life for on the go web browsing and online working

Worst Features: Relatively small visual display makes web surfing more difficult, smaller hard drive is easily bogged down by excess pictures or video files, bare bones design is too Spartan for the price

Conclusion: While most of Lenovo’s ThinkPad computers are excellent values, many consumers have concluded that the bare bones features and Spartan design of the ThinkPad R Series may not be worth the high costs of this laptop computer. The relatively small hard drive and the poor external speakers are further deterrents.

Almost every Lenovo ThinkPad R Series review has been written by a user with a decidedly different experience from the reviewer before. When browsing reviews on Amazon, you will note that some users are completely satisfied with the simplicity and ease of use provided by the ThinkPad R Series. Other users are frustrated that their laptop computer comes with virtually no bells and whistles. It is important to evaluate all of these reviews to be sure that you are purchasing a computer that will aptly fit your specific needs.

The Lenovo ThinkPad R Series on Amazon is a smaller laptop computer than some of Lenovo’s other styles. The outer structure is much more simplistic than, say, Lenovo’s IdeaPad computers. With a slightly boxy styling and a flat black outer material, the ThinkPad R Series evokes ideas of business and task-oriented performance rather than pleasure and entertainment. However, for some laptop users, this is exactly the sort of performance that is being sought after. The cheapest Lenovo ThinkPad R Series are being sold as refurbished models and can be found for half the price

The Hardware

Inarguably, the Lenovo ThinkPad R Series will withstand normal wear and tear. Because of its slightly boxy structure, the Lenovo ThinkPad will resist damage from bumps and jostling. The computer is small and can be easily stored in a book bag or laptop carrying case. Because the computer is lightweight as well, there is less risk of it being dropped because it is too heavy.

Finding it for Cheap

One of the greatest things about the Lenovo ThinkPad R Series is that it can be found cheaply on many different resale websites. The Lenovo ThinkPad R Series on Amazon is being offered as a refurbished machine. This laptop comes with the same warranties but is actually half the price of a brand new model. Finding the cheapest Lenovo ThinkPad R Series computer will take a bit of online hunting, but customers can save hundreds of dollars by searching for this fast and lightweight laptop computer online.

Overall, the Lenovo ThinkPad R Series is designed for efficiency and performance. The screen may be small, but the processor is top notch. Some users may be disappointed that the design is not more intuitive or the hard drive is not larger, but for users who simply need a way to comfortably e-mail friends or surf the web, a Lenovo ThinkPad R Series review will tell you that this computer can accomplish all of this with ease.

Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 Review

MSRP: $689.98

Best Features: 15 inch, high definition laptop screen, lightweight at only eight pounds, designed for superb visual graphics that can be best appreciated in online game play or video display, relatively long battery life, amazing integrated virus protection software

Worst Features: Poor speaker output makes listening to music without headphones difficult and frustrating, Screen brightness controls difficult to adjust, No integrated volume controls

Conclusion: The Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 is specifically designed to allow your creative juices to flow naturally. With a metallic, streamlined design paired with a fast core processor and a large hard drive, online game play, web surfing, and photo editing is a breeze. Customers around the world are taking advantage of the awesome Lenovo IdeaPad Z560

Before purchasing a laptop from Lenovo, it is important to read a Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 review. Reading a laptop review will provide you with valuable information that may not be provided on the Lenovo website. Let’s face it: Lenovo wants to sell its computers to customers around the world. Just like other laptop manufacturers, some of the less desirable qualities of the Lenovo IdeaPad may not be listed on the website. Reading a review of this mostly amazing product will allow consumers to see how other Lenovo owners are reacting to their product after owning and using it for several years.

Overall, even the cheapest Lenovo Ideapad Z560 is an excellent buy. With a medium sized screen that is over fifteen inches long paired with a relatively easy to manage weight of only eight pounds, the Lenovo Ideapad can be taken almost anywhere and comfortable stored in a backpack or laptop carrying case. The first thing a customer may notice about the Lenovo Ideapad Z560 is its black metallic design. Because Apple computers are selling so quickly with their futuristic designs, consumers will enjoy finding a PC that is keeping up with the trends of the day.

Operating a Lenovo IdeaPad Z560

When you buy a Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 online and have it delivered to your door, the first thing you’ll notice after turning it on is that the Lenovo is operating Windows 7. This brand new operating system by Microsoft is being lauded by PC owners around the world. This operating system is reportedly free of the bugs and flaws that peppered Windows Vista. The second thing that you may notice when using a Lenovo is that the laptop seems to anticipate your next move. The keyboard design and display are ergonomically designed to perfectly match the hands and eyes of a human. The display is bright and easy to view, and the keyboard is comfortable in both layout and feel.

The Downsides

The cheapest Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 will probably still cost you over five hundred dollars. Because so many laptop computers today are being offered for less than that, many consumers may balk at this price.  The one touch virus protection software on the Lenovo means that your computer will last for several years. However, some users have reported frustrations with the poor audio output provided by the built-in speakers. Using headphones is said to alleviate this problem.

Because purchasing a laptop is such an important decision, it is important to read at least one Lenovo IdeaPad Z560 review in order to get the inside information needed to make an educated decision.

Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Review

MSRP: $770.92

Best Features: Advertised as an ultra portable laptop, comes in metallic colors such as orange and brown which stand out in a crowd, compact design and lightweight construction for easy transport, integrated virus protection software, one touch restores the computer to a previous state in case of a viral attack, beautiful visual display, less than an inch thick

Worst Features: Customers have complained about the brightness of the visual display, smaller screen means websites may be more difficult to read

Conclusion: Surfing the web is fun again with the Lenovo IdeaPad U260. The small laptop computer makes up for its ultra thin construction and small twelve inch screen dimensions by packing a lot of punch within its outer shell. With eye catching metallic colors on the outside and an intuitive viral protection program on the inside, the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 is sure to impress.

Purchasing a laptop can give any consumer a headache, but it’s possible to have some peace of mind when you do your homework and read a Lenovo IdeaPad U260 review. A review of this Lenovo laptop will accomplish two very basic things. First, reading a review will allow you to compare the good and the bad with other laptop computers in the same price bracket as the Lenovo IdeaPad. However, reading a review also helps you to anticipate some of the flaws and bugs that can be expected in any laptop computer. Knowing these flaws ahead of time will greatly improve your satisfaction with whatever laptop computer you purchase.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U260 online is an amazing laptop computer that packs a lot of features in its relatively small design. The laptop is only twelve inches in diameter and is less than an inch thick. This smaller construction means that the product is extremely light and can be easily used on the go without breaking a laptop owner’s back. The laptop also comes in an eye-catching orange metallic shell. The color of this laptop is one of its biggest selling features.

The Keyboard

The keyboard of the cheapest Lenovo IdeaPad U260 is designed to comfortably fit the hands of any laptop user. The keyboard is also designed to stay cooler than other keyboards because of its integrated cooling system. The laptop also comes with an intuitive touch pad that quickly responds to the lightest touch.

Additional Features

Instead of logging on to the Lenovo with a password that might easily be forgotten, you can log onto the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 online with facial recognition software. This software uses the laptop’s own web camera to recognize the face of the laptop owner and allow access to hidden files and programs. You might forget a password, but the Lenovo never forgets a face. The Lenovo IdeaPad U260 also comes with an excellent virus protection platform that can operate Norton Antivirus Protection. This one touch virus software allows users to restore their computers to a safe point by pressing a single button. With viruses becoming more and more advanced, this feature is very useful.

Purchasing a laptop is a great way to stay plugged in to the world around us. Surfing the internet allows users to stay connected with news, media, and friends. Photo sharing and e-mail are easy with the Lenovo IdeaPad. Before purchasing a laptop, consumers should check out a Lenovo IdeaPad U260 review to read the amazing things being said about this computer.

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